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On the  Monte Ursino heights stands the feudal castle old tower named in documents of 1004. Depart from it the three walls which surround the city center.
It is a typical example of a fortified Liguria complex, which was centered on the nolese defence. It underwent several changes over time, but it is still the best preserved monument of defensive throughout the Western Liguria. Going back and forth Defferrari via La Malfa, you reach the castle, where fortified tower remains, polygonal and circular tower lookout and defense. Long stretches of walls (XIII) run down the cliffs into the sea and from the city going to embrace the emerging city center.


Monumental site

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The historic building dates back to the eleventh century and is one of the most significant and best-preserved example of Romanesque architecture in northern Italy.
Around the church there is also important archaeological area which includes the remains of an early Christian baptistery (early fifth century.) And a necropolis with graves dating from the age Late Antiquity.

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