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Noli is a fascinating meeting point for athletes who practice sea disciplines.

Windsurfing. Favored orientation of the coast, ideally exposed to the north wind, allowing evolution just a few meters from the shore. The activity is free from September to May, the period in which the wind is more frequent. The local branch of the Italian Naval League organizes regattas and sailing courses. One of its special feature is the provision of "hobiecat", catamarans particularly easy to handle and fun.

Diving. The seabed in front of Noli are rich in fish and animals and over 35 meters deep. When diving, you have to be careful with the many sea currents. Numerous are the inhabitants of this underwater world. They range from the seahorse squid, monkfish from small lobsters, just to name a few. The clarity of the water also allows for underwater shooting.

Paragliding. The take-off area is reached by following the road on the right (Savona) immediately after the rockfall. The provincial Noli-Voze-Final leading to Manie. On the first square, follow the left fork; after the dirt road and the sea, this is the area parks: a small path and finally you will reach the top of the hill. During the flight (hang-gliding, paragliding, paramotor) is good to be cautious given the wind blowing in the area. You can get up to Monte Ursino Castle.


Bric dei Monti

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This beautiful trail network, that supports, with extraordinary logic, the morphology and characteristics of the natural environment through which, once enabled man to guard and exploit the resources available while today is an important testimony to a bygone era and at the same time a pleasant tool to closely observe the natural beauty and historical and cultural present on the territory of Noli.


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