The Congregation of the Institute Madri Pie di Nostra Signora della Sapienza was founded by Abbot Paolo Gerolamo Franzoni (1708-1778) in Genoa Sampierdarena in 1753, with the aim of educating the youth of all social backgrounds. In fact, we carry out our educational activities in schools, churchhalls, oratories and hostels.

Of particularvalue are the activities of the Congregation in the Mission in Peru.

Abbot Franzoni named us MOTHERS to stress the importance of our educational mission and PIE, meaning charitable, to underline the holiness each of us is called to achieve.


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We are constantly inspired by the vision and charism of our founder in every aspect of our ministry and service and we carry out his ambitious project with commitment and dedication.

We provide high quality educational and cultural resources in the tradition of the Christian values and promote dialogue and cohoperation with the local communities.

Our educational project is carried out in our schools, in catechesis, oratories and houses of hospitality where we are sensitive to the needs of the people around us.


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We are totally committed to our missionary job in Peru: we provide assistance and educational resources and guidance to children and people in need in Carhuaz, Callao, Santa Anita Pachacamac, Supe Pueblo and Supe San Nicolas.

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